Wir sind Wörwag! We are Wörwag!

We are Wörwag!

What could say more about a company and its culture than its employees? So finish set up a photo booth with a self-timer in the cafeteria in Zuffenhausen. Here are some images and quotes from our colleagues.

The Wörwag world: With sites located on all continents, the company is truly tapping into global markets.
A rundown of Wörwag’s world map.

„What is the company about?
The people, the employees, the work.“

Ralf Franz (left) with Denitsa Ivanova, Sebastian Scherer, Finja Gebel, Denis Alam (all from Purchasing) und Yann Fischer (Global Pricing)

„Wörwag is my life.“

Michele Di Paola (left) with Stefan Lechner (both Premix Department)

„This company gives me a sense of security.“

Ralf Henkelmann (Base Coat Pre-production) with Julia Rupp (Development)

„Wörwag made it possible for me to come back from Italy It has been great – for 17 years now.“

Ciro Esposito (left) with Jürgen Zeides and Daniele Pede (all from Hydro Top Coats)

Wir sind jung, motiviert, zielstrebig und dynamisch.

„We’re young motivated, ambitious, and dynamic.“

Adele Spranger (right) with Armin Pudel, Marcel-Maurice Köstle, Carmen Scheuermann, Sabrina Saupp, Dirk Langenbahn and Ismail Tozman (from left, all from Liquid Coatings Quality Control)

„We met on a company outing in 2003, and have been a couple ever since.“

Angela Tschierswitz (Department Head Base Coats) with Alexander von Au (Lab Head, Interior Coatings), who have worked together at places like Lafayette in the USA (see the “American Beauty” issue of finish)

„There’s always a lot of action here, it’s never boring!“

Dirk Schulte (Maintenance)

„The great thing about this company is that even if things get stuck, we always find a way to get them flowing again.“

Fritz Vorlaufer (left) with Thomas Aichele (both Incoming Goods). They and their colleague Valeri Kovalev designed a pipe cleaning facility for incoming products.

„The working atmosphere is fantastic. We also indulge in the occasional practical joke.“

Franz Pieplak (Plant Painter) has been at the company for 35 years. When Germany won the FIFA World Cup in soccer in Italy in 1990, he and a few co-workers used a fork-lift truck to hang a German flag from the ceiling of the Premix Department during a break. “Most of our colleagues were Italian, and this caused something of a commotion when they returned from their meal,” he says with a smile.

Photos: Florian Imberger