Making an appearance

Before products can sparkle and shine, developers take a close look below the surface.

Which raw materials are to be coated? What will the substrates be exposed to? How will they be coated? Because this is an area in which both knowledge and practical experience come into play, the experts at Wörwag investigate every angle—iron ore mines in Ukraine, for example.

Every raw material has its own characteristics. When working with titanium, steel, iron, aluminum, carbon, and plastics, what features are unique and what do they share? Chrome coating—another innovation from Wörwag. For the beautiful things in life.

Production and Technology

The science of sticking to it

Taking care of exteriors is a part of the laboratory’s daily routine. The strategists face new challenges repeatedly when new coating systems are in development, as alternative methods are often required to coat new materials or to break new ground in unfamiliar territory. A look below the surfaces.

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Production and Technology
Polypropylen ©Frederik Laux

The beauty of film

Paint that sticks on doesn’t have to be sprayed on. Which is why painted films present an alternative to wet coatings for plastic surfaces. Their advantages include no overspray, no drying time, no preparation for use, and good weather and scratch resistance qualities. - To the Article

Production and Technology
Kohlenstoff ©Frederik Laux

Strong partner

Everyone is trying to lose weight these days, including trucks. That is why an increasing number of vehicle body parts are made of composite materials. These components, however, are hard to paint—but Wörwag has solved the problem. - To the Article

Production and Technology
Aluminium ©Frederik Laux

Heavy duty

Even in mass production models, the aluminum content in some vehicle bodies is nearly 50 %. An extremely lightweight metal, but at the same time extremely challenging to paint. Powder coating from Wörwag solves the problem. It is used to coat the cover plates on B-pillars, among other components. - To the Article

Production and Technology
Eisen ©Frederik Laux

Ready for anything

Higher corrosion protection with lower process costs: as a protective barrier for sheet steel bodies on heavy agricultural and construction machinery, powder-on-powder coating technology has proved highly effective. No matter how extreme the conditions may be, this paint can handle it. - To the Article

Production and Technology
Stahl ©Frederik Laux

Like a mirror

It looks like chrome, but it’s actually paint. Now Wörwag is offering a chrome coating in powder form that achieves unprecedented results. In combination with the equally new universal clear coat, the range of possible applications is endless. - To the Article

Production and Technology
Titan @Frederik Laux

Robust in terrain

The new Wörwag coating system for bicycles can do one thing above all: handle anything. It withstands even the stiffest tests. - To the Article

Useful knowledge and trivia about the life cycle of raw materials. ©Designstudio Halbautomaten

A material world

More than one-third of international trade is in natural assets. We must treat these assets responsibly if humanity is to survive. Useful knowledge and trivia about the life cycle of raw materials. - To the Article