The Worwag Way of Life

As the crow flies, about 7,000 kilometers lie between Zuffenhausen and our US site in Lafayette, Indiana. When I started at Wörwag as Technical CEO in 2013, a visit to our American subsidiary was soon on my schedule. There I experienced a family-type atmosphere, loyal employees, streamlined official channels and new technology. The American Way of Worwag.

Wörwag has long since taken off in the United States, but there are many miles of air travel, countless telephone conferences, English lessons and the employees’ strong commitment behind the success story that began nearly 20 years ago. All of that effort was made to provide American buyers with the same quality product that so many of our customers on this side of the Atlantic already rely on.

Now we’ll jump into the thick of the action: what do our colleagues over there think the opportunities and risks in the international daily business routines are? There’s much more on that in the cover story.

The customer portraits take us back to Europe. Wörwag insiders disclose why Rolls-Royce still relies on manual labor for painting. They also explain how BMW’s e-mobiles are protected from UV rays and how the family-owned Austrian company Blum uses ecological products to paint their furniture fittings.

We are pleased to be showing many faces at Wörwag on the following pages—all faces of people who work together closely as a team to develop our recipes for success.

Dr. Achim Gast, Chairman of the Management Board

Rundgang durch Lafayette

Family Affair

Wörwag is aiming for growth in the US. The driving forces are German technology and premium quality. But it’s not just about the recipes—it’s also people behind them. The “American Way of Worwag” demonstrates: Knowledge transfer has many faces.

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Mike Grandy ist seit Februar 2014 President bei Worwag Coatings LLC, einer Wörwag-Tochter in den USA.

“We’re not a typical American company”

Mike Grandy is pursuing ambitious goals at “Worwag Coatings” in the United States. As president of the company, he is relying on team work and German expertise to achieve them. - To the Article

Buntes Amerika: Freiheitsstatue, Golden Gate Bridge, Weisses Haus und Yellow Stone ©Designstudio Halbautomaten

Colorful States

There are plenty of colorful things to discover in the United States - To the Article

illustrierte Karte von Lafayette

Star City

Lively and charming, authentic and underrated: Lafayette is different. Yet the many attractions of this city of 80,000 in America’s Midwest only reveal themselves upon a closer look. A tour with special insights. - To the Article


The Cherry on Top

Rolls-Royce redefines manual labor. A hand-painted trim line puts the finishing touch on the premium cars from Goodwood, England. The paint comes from Wörwag.

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The Secret of R1218

It all depends on what’s underneath. Wörwag’s primer has been demonstrating its versatility for some 15 years. No one sees the primer, but everyone needs it. Prime stuff—a look at the recipe for success.

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Wöropur-W-Einschicht-Decklack für Elektrowerkzeuge und Zubehör der Metawerke GmbH

Flagship samples

Wörwag product applications are many-faceted—but are often only recognized on second glance. Hidden heroic feats supporting daily routines. - To the Article

Production and Technology
UV-Schutz für den BWM i3 ©BMW AG, Illustration: Nils Krämer

Sunblock for Electric Cars

On top of its environmentally friendly drive, the BMW i3 also shines thanks to its innovative materials and modern look—including a carbon finish. Wörwag paints protect the plastic from UV rays. - To the Article

Blum: umweltschonende Lacke für die Möbelbeschläge

Very fitting

At Julius Blum, thinking inside the box is not a criticism—it’s a principle. This manufacturer of hinges, runners, and lift systems for the cabinet industry has developed numerous innovative solutions that no modern kitchen should be without. - To the Article


To a hair’s breadth

The exclusive, reliable coating of razors with high-quality paint requires special expertise. This is not the only reason why Wörwag values its collaboration with Braun. There are quite a number of reasons for a hairy declaration of love.

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