Kundenanwendung für Rasierer von Braun Safe cut

Safe cut

Wörwag, Wörwag, everywhere! You come into contact with Wörwag products in daily life, much more often than you might think. Here’s a little tour.

Product: Epilator Customer: Procter & Gamble (Walldürn, Germany) Paint: Topcoat R2612 Application: Housing finish Used on this product since: 2001

Special feature: Wörwag provides the metallic base coat for this high-quality epilator. The models are available in seven colors; at the end of the year three more will be added.

Kundenanwendung für Scheuerle Transportfahrzeuge

Special feature: Increased corrosion protection, reduced-solvent paint system with a high solid content. Applied by up to four painters.

Ready to roll

Product: Transport vehicle

Customer: Scheuerle (Pfedelbach, Germany)

Paint: Three-layer structure W610, W726 and W755

Application: Coatings for a broad range of exceptionally heavy transport vehicles

Used on this product since: 2000

Kundenanwendung für Fahrräder von Gazelle

Special feature: Scratch- and knockresistant e.g. against stones on the road.


Product: Bicycle

Customer: Gazelle (Dieren, the Netherlands)

Paint: Grey primer F0002, F0001 black basecoat, clear acrylic powder coating W845 or clear matte W847

Application: Pannier rack, frame, fenders and fork (except forks with suspension)

Used on this product since: 2011

Kundenanwendung für Medikomp OP-Kissen

Special feature: Highly elastic and conductive, enabling electricity to flow out through the operating table when a defibrillator is used for reanimation.


Product: Operating room cushion

Customer: MediKomp (Rastatt, Germany)

Paint: Woeropur paint color Black R4206

Application: Coating of foamed cushions for operating tables

Used on this product since: 1990

Photos: Braun, Scheuerle, Royal Dutch Gazelle, Maquet