No secret recipe

When we opened our first office in China over ten years ago we were entering a completely new environment, business and work culture. Although it was tricky sometimes, we have now learned how our own culture and the Chinese culture fit together. As they say in my favorite sport, “If you can’t use the sails, you have to row.”

We are used to tricky challenges. So we did what we have done many times before in the one hundred-year history of our Swabian family business: We simply worked on finding the best recipe for our coatings. Tinkering and developing on a daily basis takes more than a little knowledge and a few robots. That’s why our recipe remains inquisitive employees. They have the creative ideas and do the developments that shape and secure our future. So we foster friendship, ensure training and encourage dialogue, enabling our employees to feel comfortable with us both now and into the future. This is something that is noticed by our customers – who also know that they can rely on Wörwag quality all over the world.

Last year, we launched our new magazine for customers and employees. Starting with this issue, we are inviting a broader readership to delve into its pages and take a closer look inside our paint pots: We will talk about all the places you find paintwork and explore the many colorful worlds where Wörwag products are making a difference. In this issue, we will even journey as far as China, to our factory in Langfang. Enjoy your reading!

Hannes Wörwag, Managing Director


Rising Sun

There is a clear plan for the new China. Growth in the Middle Kingdom will be socially and environmentally sustainable as Wörwag illustrates at its plant in Langfang. And employee Julie Sun exemplifies the good prospects – a life rising.

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Witterungsfeste Pulverlacke für Baumaschinen von Wirten

Sunscreen for the outback

Be it in mines in the Australian outback or on rainy road construction sites, the paint on Wirtgen’s construction equipment has to stand up to tough conditions. - To the Article

Company and Management
Achim Gast, technischer Geschäftsführer bei Wörwag

“Sustainability starts with the employees”

The new Managing Director for technology Dr. Achim Gast explains why sustainable corporate policies are vital for commercial success in new markets. - To the Article

Kundenporträt des Möbelbauers USM

Raster men

A world, a sphere, a ball made of metal with a diameter of 25 millimeters, and six holes. For furniture manufacturer USM, this is the center of the universe. The story of a design classic that has revolutionized offices. - To the Article

Die Flügelfarbe des blauen Himmelsfalters entsteht durch Nanostrukturen.
Production and Technology

From nature’s paint box

Many species of butterflies have multicolored iridescent wings. The effect is the result of the interaction of light and surface structure. A visit to the Butterfly House in Mannheim.

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Kundenanwendung für Medikomp OP-Kissen

A splash of color

Wörwag, Wörwag, everywhere! You come into contact with Wörwag products in daily life, much more often than you might think. Here’s a little tour. - To the Article

Production and Technology
Audi setzt im Interieur den Anti-Knarz-Lack von Wörwag ein.

The calm after the storm

Audi acoustics experts hunt down noises in the car interior, and silence them with a special haptic coating. An acoustic test drive into the realm of onomatopoeia. - To the Article