¡Hola Mexico!

Dear Readers,

Wörwag has gained a foothold in Mexico. We’ve opened our offices there in record time, and are right in the thick of things: in San Luis Potosí, where we’ll soon be part of the colorful action as well.

Join us now as we form the new subsidiary—the first groundbreaking meeting with new customers, culinary adventures with fiery hot sauces, and a glimpse into the suitcases of our colleagues in International Project Management.

And speaking of color… In the future, we’ll all be able to mix car paints ourselves—on a computer screen. Right now we’re working together with car manufacturers so that one day customers will be able to easily select colors with a few clicks of the mouse.

Simple as that may sound, that represents a lot of work, a huge pool of data, knowledge, and innovative spirit. And that is precisely what we want to promote even further at Wörwag.

We are thinking not only of product improvements but also of the pioneering spirit that has carried us forward for nearly a century and that continues to unleash new potential: breaking new ground, trying things out, thinking outside the proverbial box.

That is precisely what the household appliance maker V-Zug has been doing for over 100 years. One-tenth of the staff at this family-run Swiss company focuses strictly on innovations, and a constant flow of creative product ideas is the result.

Have you heard of V-Zug’s “Refresh-Butler”? And why do their dishwashers have a party button?

¡Hasta la vista!

Dr. Peter Moritz
Managing Director for Sales

José Saldivia am neuen Standort in San Luis Potosí

Site in sight

Pioneers need to have a sense of adventure. And be fearless. Like the team that is breaking new ground in Mexico for Wörwag. One of its members is Project Manager Giuseppe Polito. His first trip to San Luis Potosí was a successful tour of discovery.

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Giuseppe Polito, Projektmanager

Travelling light

Crossing borders, and yet never losing sight of the big picture: when Wörwag opens up new markets, our colleagues from International Project Management are needed on-site. Living out of a suitcase—between improvisation and detailed planning. - To the Article

Production and Technology

Clever and Smart

Industry 4.0, big data, artificial intelligence, and smart homes—the latest technological trends are also catching on in the paint and coating factory. Wörwag’s product development experts are putting these innovations to use, and taking a look into the future for this issue of finish. - To the Article

Fenster müssen in Flugzeugen aus Sicherheitsgründen oval sein.

Going Global

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President of the Banana Republic

Anyone who attains fame by spraying bananas is bound to be an original. Having a banana with Cologne-based graffiti artist Thomas Baumgärtel.

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Anwendung von Pulver-Basislack für Bohrhämmer von Hilti

Power Paints

Modern paint systems have to master a variety of challenges. Four examples underscore how Wörwag offers innovative products even for extreme requirements. - To the Article

Wörwag und der Hausgerätehersteller V-Zug

Cherry on Top

Wörwag has been supplying powder coatings to V-Zug, the leading Swiss household appliance maker, for around 30 years. The two companies enjoy a mutually beneficial partnership—and not just on the factory floor. An unusual meeting at V-Zug’s kitchen studio produced a delicious meal that featured the cuisines of both Switzerland and Swabia. - To the Article

Production and Technology

The Lord of the Colors

When Ralf Henkelmann gets involved, it’s bound to be colorful: in pre-series development, he and his team are responsible for the coloring of base coats for automotive add-on parts. A look at the world of the color engineer.

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