Anwendung von Pulver-Basislack für Bohrhämmer von Hilti Covered


Modern paint systems have to master a variety of challenges—not only at construction sites.

Product: Hammer drill
Customer: Hilti (Schaan, Liechtenstein)
Coating: Powder base coat W896
Area of application: Cast-material motor case
Coating used since: 2004

Special features: Light-resistant; the combination of texture and matte color is unusual; high chemical resistance; optimized for outgassing due to cast substrate.


Product: Delivery vehicles
Customer: Daimler AG (Düsseldorf)
Coating: Hydro top coat E1648 from the W380 series
Area of application: Body components
Coating used since: 2007

Spezieller Farbton Erdbraun für den Logistik-Dienstleister UPS

Special color earth brown MB8410 for logistics service provider UPS


Product: Commercial vehicles
Customer: Daimler AG (Wörth)
Coating: Woeropur ultra-high-solid top coat paint, Nova gray
Area of application: Chassis with add-on parts such as the tank, pressure compensation tank, and axles
Coating used since: 2017

Einsatz der Ultra-High-Solid-Technologie für Nutzfahrzeuge der Daimler AG

Due to its low solvent content and high solid content, the ultra-ultra-high-solid technology is environmentally friendly and has a wide processing window.


Product: Construction and farm machinery
Customer: Manfred Linder, Director Powder Coatings and Painted Films Technology at Wörwag
Coating: Woerophen epoxide base W620, red-brown (prime coat), Woeropur high-solid top coat paint W750, RAL 3002 Carmine red, high-gloss
Area of application: engine and transmission holder, axles, structure, fenders, hood
Coating used since: 2006

Korrosionsschutz für Bau- und Landmaschinen

Farm machinery needs a paint providing corrosion protection, weather stability, gloss, robust surface and easy application.

Photos: Hilti, iStock, Daimler, Manfred Linder