Flüssiglack für Kosmetik-Präsentationsbox Under scrutiny

Under scrutiny

Ever greater demands are being placed on modern paint and coating systems. Here are four examples of innovative Wörwag products for extreme conditions.

Product: cosmetics presentation box
Customer: Marie-Laure PLV (Épinay-sur-Seine)
Coating: liquid coating, product KL1389, R3218
Area of application: limited series of presentation boxes for cosmetic items
Coating used: 2015 (one-time order)

Special features: HD (high durability) clear coat is extremely resistant to scratches and therefore considerably tougher than conventional clear coats.

Woerolux-W-1K Decklack für Transportfahrzeuge der Royal Mail

Special features: the Royal Mail Red color is produced exclusively for this company.

Under deadline

Product: transport vehicles
Customer: Daimler AG (Düsseldorf, Ludwigsfelde)
Paint: Wörolux W 1K top coat, W380 product series
Area of application: delivery and transport vehicles for the Royal Mail, the United Kingdom’s national postal service
Paint used since: 2004

Wörolux UV-Einschichtlack

Special features: very good corrosion protection, high impact and chemical resistance, adheres to seven different surfaces, can take almost every 2K top coat, cures extremely quickly.

Under pressure

Product: commercial vehicles
Customer: Daimler (Gaggenau)
Coating: Wörolux mono-layer UV coating
Area of application: commercial vehicle axles
Coating used since: 2010

Wöralit Pulverlack W851 für Küchenherd von Miele

Special features: this coating system’s resistance to hot grease makes the control panel highly resistant to surface diffusion of greasy vapors that rise when the oven is opened.

Under duress

Product: kitchen stoves
Customer: Miele (Gütersloh)
Coating: Wöralit W851 powder coating
Area of application: control panels
Coating used since: 2000

Photos: Corbis / Shutterstock.com; Miele, A ROOM WITH VIEWS / Alamy Stock; Daimler AG