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Every day we see countless cars drive by. The first thing we see is usually the color. And the paint needs to be exactly right for it. We at Wörwag are right in the middle of the automotive capital of Stuttgart. Car paints are our specialty and our passion. Of course, I take an especially close look. Is that paint one of ours? Was the exact same color tone achieved on all the parts?
Could I imagine a car in this striking bamboo green or is it enough for the grass in my yard to radiate in a color like this?

Car production has become extremely complex. This applies to paints as well. The color tone cannot deviate, regardless of whether the coating was developed especially for plastic components or the body, and no matter which supplier it comes from.

In spite of modern technology, manual craftsmanship and experience remain indispensable. That’s why our production staff will take you on a tour of our wet coating production facility in this “car crazy” issue. It’s a great feeling knowing that the quality work of our employees is part of practically every car color in the world.

Driving a car is also about pleasure. So we put the top down for a drive in South Africa. Henry Pienaar attends to our customers on-site at our Cape Town location. He tells the story of his very personal, inspiring life journey.

Hannes Wörwag, CEO

Produktion ist Handarbeit
Production and Technology

Masterful Touch

Producing automotive paints is an art. Experience and a hands-on approach are crucial, as shown by a look at Wörwag’s production plant in Stuttgart.

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Full Commitment

Las Vegas to Venice, followed by a jaunt to the Matterhorn, then off to Sweden: a journey like that can be completed within a few minutes at Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland. The perfect settings within the biggest model train exhibit in the world are embellished with countless regular and special vehicles whose life-sized versions are coated with Wörwag products. A trip around a gigantic playroom. - To the Article


High-tech on a Roll

A big platform for innovations: Wörwag presented its painted film technology at Woche der Umwelt (Environment Week) - To the Article


Scenic drives

South Africa is an important country to manufacturers for testing series production cars. An adventure tour on one of the most beautiful coastal highways in the world shows which emotions cars can elicit in observers.

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Henry Pienaar betreut Familien im Dienst der Kirche.

The road to happiness

Henry Pienaar has fulfilled his dream of a better life. The technical account manager at Wörwag in South Africa grew up in a township. With an iron will, he defied fate and found happiness. A portrait of strength. - To the Article

Los Angeles, USA


There are nearly 1.2 billion cars in the world. They are a good way to reach your destination. But they have also led to curious constructions and extraordinary records. A road trip around the world. - To the Article


Yellow for Success

Roads connect. Bopparder Maschinenbaugesellschaft (Bomag) paves the way there. The heavy equipment technology of the worldwide leading manufacturer of asphalt and earth compactors has already helped create 3,728,219 miles (6 million kilometers) of roads. Unmistakable: the yellow protective skin of Wörwag coating. - To the Article

Nahaufnahme Motor

Simply gorgeous

Designers have long since discovered the engine compartment. Yet there is scarcely any place in the vehicle where coated components are subjected to such stress. - To the Article

Wörolux UV-Einschichtlack

Tough customers

Ever greater demands are being placed on modern paint and coating systems. Here are four examples of innovative Wörwag products for extreme conditions. - To the Article