Selbst Fußballprofis des FC Bayern München lieben den Lack von Wörwag. Zwanzig Spieler fahren einen Audi mit Matteffekt-Lack. ©Alamy Limited Parade of stars

Parade of stars

Wörwag delivers custom products. Three examples show just how diverse requirements and potential applications can be.

Product: automotive paint

Customer: Audi

Paint: Audi currently offers Wörwag’s matte-effect paint for the RS6 and RS7 models in Daytona-Grey matte.

Application area: Audi R8, RS6 and RS7

Paint used since: 2010

Special feature: Even the soccer players of FC Bayern Munich love the effect. 20 players drive Audis with matte-effect paint.

Türschließer-Systeme der GEZE GmbH tragen Wöropur-W-Einschichtlack W960. ©GEZE GmbH


Product: door closing systems

Customer: GEZE GmbH (Leonberg)

Paint: Wöropur W single-coat paint W960

Application area: Building equipment, door closers, door and window systems, building technology

Paint used since: 2005

Special feature: The paint is applied both manually and by electrostatic high-rotation atomising. The 2K Hydro-PUR single-coat paint is quick-drying.

Straßenkehrmaschine von Kärcher mit Struktur-Pulverlack W790-Reihe ©Alfred Kärcher Vertriebs-GmbH

Street sweeper

Product: street sweeper

Customer: Kärcher (Obersontheim)

Application area: floor troughs and cladding for housings

Coating: textured powder coating W790 series

Coating used since: 2003

Coating technology: New powder plant enables different pretreatment steps for the components. Electrostatic powder coating processing with recovery and indivdual cycle times for powder curing

Special feature: particularly resistant to scratches; long life

Photos: Alamy Limited, GEZE GmbH, Alfred Kärcher Vertriebs-GmbH