A bit of an eye full

And a shirt full. On shoes, hair and everywhere. Even under fingernails. It was a furious paint fight marking the finale of an extraordinary undertaking, in which we dealt with colour in a completely different way. In this issue, we’re presenting white goods—radiators, refrigerators and washing machines—in a way I have never seen before: in a purpose-built white room.

Have you ever thrown paint at your colleagues? I haven’t. It was a new experience for the participating employees, too. The photographer had one shot to get it right. What if something went wrong? The temptation to take up the challenge won. Experience has taught us that it always takes courage and creativity to venture into uncharted territory. Wörwag comes up with new ideas every day—and now, for a change, we prove it in front of the camera. The result is surprising, as are the tricks involved in the manufacture of white paints.

After the colourful spectacle, the participant’s clothes were ripe for a main wash with pre-wash cycle. Fortunately, it was not our indestructible paint on the fabric. The dirty business of laundering is, incidently, the speciality of a fantastic laundromat in the heart of Barcelona. We were there when things started spinning.

Dr. Peter Moritz, Managing Director

Manche mögen's Weiß: Dr. Peter Moritz beim Fotoshooting. ©Rafael Krötz

Some like it white

Powder coatings for white goods such as washing machines or refrigerators are mass products. But Wörwag manages to stand out from the crowd with tailored solutions. As the photos of the white rooms show, it can all get quite colourful in the end.

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Production and Technology
Mateo Dicha ©José Carlos Zarcero

It can’t get any whiter than this

White is sought after. It’s considered a classic among automotive coatings. Developing paints and tints that remain stable in processing involves more than just technology. To those working with white it’s primarily a matter of sensitivity. - To the Article

Die meisten Wellpappenanlagen von BHS Corrugated sind perlweiß lackiert. ©BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH

On a wave of success

The business model of BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH is anything but a flimsy house of cardboard. Nevertheless, corrugated cardboard is at the very heart of its business. The company, based in Germany’s Upper Palatine town of Weiherhammer, is the world’s largest supplier of solutions in the corrugated cardboard industry. - To the Article

Production and Technology
1001 Ideen aus dem Schulranzen und dem Büroalltag: Diana Liebreich hat mit Chrompulver experimentiert. ©Jadwiga Galties

Betting on Chrome

Wörwag’s new Chrome paint has become the benchmark in the market thanks to its technology edge. But how did it come about? A look behind the scenes of the development department shows that invention has a lot to do with curiosity and passion. - To the Article



It’s a dirty business. But since 1957, in a wonderful laundromat in the heart of Barcelona, whites turn white again and colours regain their vitality. From theatrical costumes to cuddly toys: a working day in the Tintoreria Huguet, where almost everything that goes around comes around.

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Jörg Glocker verkauft Lack für Mountainbikes und kennt die Belastungsgrenzen. ©Oliver Roggenbuck

The thrill and stress of the trail

Cycling as a stress test. Mud, stones and bad weather strain man and machine. You see what the innovative frame paint can withstand on the trail. And for good measure, in the pouring rain. - To the Article

Das Fahrerhaus ist Waldemar Nesners Arbeitsplatz – und seine Küche, sein Wohnzimmer und Schlafraum. ©Toby Binder

Road tour de France

The cab is Waldemar Nesner’s workplace, kitchen, living room and bedroom. From Monday to Friday, Nesner has six square meters to live in. For ten years he has been trucking Wörwag products to customers in France. In that time, he has covered one million kilometers. A road trip midway between trucker lore and hard labor. - To the Article

Viele Anwendungen für Primer und Klarlacke sind denkbar – vor allem im Sport- und Freizeitbereich. ©Star Worbs

Promoting sports

For years, the automotive industry has been relying on primers and clear coats from Wörwag for visible carbon parts. Now the Wörwag range also includes a protective coat for sports equipment, which is opening new doors in China. - To the Article

Selbst Fußballprofis des FC Bayern München lieben den Lack von Wörwag. Zwanzig Spieler fahren einen Audi mit Matteffekt-Lack. ©Alamy Limited

Parade of stars

Wörwag delivers custom products. Three examples show just how diverse requirements and potential applications can be. - To the Article

Zahlen und Fakten ©Designstudio Halbautomaten

Facts and figures

Big white world. The facets of the colour of light are as numerous as the themes. A colourful patchwork of facts about white. - To the Article